• 20 Job settings can be saved and re-called.

  • One knob control for all parameter selection.

  • Easy to understand and navigate control panel.

  • LEDs to show sequence of operation clearly.

  • Process options: MMA / TIG / Pulse TIG.

  • Arc start options: Lift / HF.

  • Torch switch options: 2S (manual hold) / 4S (auto hold).

  • Gas pre-flow and post flow time selection.

  • Starting and End-crater current selection.

  • Current ramp-up & ramp-down time selection.

  • Pulse selections: Base current, Frequency / Time and peak ratio.

  • Tungsten tip saving feature.

  • HF auto cut-off protection.

  • Arc-force control (MMA) for anti-stick of electrodes and dynamic control of low hydrogen and Cellulose electrodes.

  • Hot-start control (MMA) for better arc-striking.

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General Features

  • Inverter technology.

  • Light-weight & Compact to hand carry and yet Rugged.

  • Welder friendly controls.

  • Energy efficient & Generator friendly – Low kVA demand.

  • Maintenance & Service friendly.

  • Digital displays for parameter selection, current & Voltage.

  • Ideal for harshest environment and meets the requirement of quality welding in shipyards, pipelines, constructions, petrochemical plants, offshore works and workshops.

Safety Features

  • MCB & Fuses for fault protection.

  • Under / over voltage, thermal overload & current limit protection.


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