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A light tower is a piece of mobile equipment which has one or more high-intensity electric lamps and a mast. Almost always, the lights are attached to the mast, which is attached to a trailer, with a generator set to power the lamps.

How do Light Towers work

The Tower lights  from Lincoln Machinery  is a metal halide floodlight tower with hydraulic mast that offers tough and durable construction, reliable and efficient performance, and high light output in an easy to operate, self-contained portable unit.

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This floodlight tower features 4 powerful metal halide lights and PMMA high purity optics to deliver 450,000 lumens of concentrated light. A 45 gallon generator mounted to a steel trailer provides standalone power for 80 hours on a single tank of fuel, allowing operators to keep working no matter how remote the location.

Maintenance & Repair

  • Shut down the machine when performing any repairs or maintenance.
  • Whenever opening the control panel, take the necessary measures to prevent electrical shocks.
  • Only qualified persons are permitted to do repair work and use only approved spare parts by the manufacturer.

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Regular Maintenance

The maintenance circle is determined by run time; after 100 hours and after 500 hours maintenance. For more detailed information please refer to the engine maintenance manual. Daily maintenance

  • Check for any leaks, such as fuel, oil, or coolant.
  • Check the water level in the radiator.
  • Check the oil level at the dipstick and fill with correct oil to the specified position when insufficient.
  • Check for the tightness of engine mounts.


 Maintenance after 100 hours  

  • Replace oil in oil sump.
  • Clean or replace oil filter cartridge.
  • (Clean or replace oil filter cartridge.(or after 200 hours)
  • Check the electrolyte level of the battery.
  • Replace coolant at 200 hours.

Maintenance after 500 hours

  • Check full injection pressure and atomization quality. Clean and adjust when necessary.
  • Dismount cylinder head, remove carbon deposit. Check valve sealing and lap when necessary.
  • Check connecting rod bolts, main bolts and fly wheel bolts for tightness.
  • Replace oil in injection pump and speed adjustor.
  • Clean cooling system. Cleaning fluid is mixture of 150g NaOH and 1 liter water completely.
  • Drain out cooling water before cleaning, then fill in cleaning fluid and run the engine after 8-12 hours. Stop the engine when working coolant temperature is achieved, drain out coolant immediately to prevent the in-fluid scale depositing, finally clean the cooling system with clean water.
  • Check each electrical connection for tightness. Replace any fraid or burnt looking wires or connections.
  • Check all engine parts, repair or adjust when necessary.

Wire Ropes Maintenance

The wire ropes used raising and lowering the masts on the lighting tower are probably some of the most important mechanical parts in day-to-day operation of the machinery. It is therefore very important that the cables are inspected on a frequent basis (before operating the lighting tower) for wear and tear, and immediately in the event of possible damage due to operator error in using the winch, or possible damage from other equipment.

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  • The wire rope should be regularly maintained in order to get rid of the damage caused by rust or dirt.
  • The groove of the reel and pulley should often be cleaned, if there is damage, please repair or replace them promptly.
  • In the course of using wire ropes, please avoid contact with dust, sand, coal, and acid-base compounds.
  • When the lighting tower is unused, the wire ropes should be coated with anti-rust oil every six months.

Floodlights Maintenance

  • The metal halide lamp must be used with the correct ballast and trigger which conform to national standards. The fluctuation range of the voltage source should not exceed ± 5%;
  • Please follow the manufacturers guidelines, and choose appropriate lighting;
  • Cut off the power source and wait until the lamps are cooled before performing maintenance;

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  • When the light goes out suddenly, you should first check all the power cords, breakers, and connections to see if they are tight and function well, otherwise the light may expire and has to be replaced. Replacement of the lamps or the floodlights’ glass; open the floodlight through the 6 stainless steel hooks (Fig.1), inserting a screwdriver in the appropriate slots previewed on the hooks. The hooks hinged to support the frame when opened. Replace the lamp or the glass. Close the floodlight’s glass carefully to the seated position.